Do you have to renew your passport? Register for a university course? Bake your mom a cake? Fix mechanical issues in your car? Kactus is the next generation personal assistant. Kactus will assist you in reaching your goals by breaking down complex procedures into simple steps.In fact, Kactus is powered by the "Kact store", the first online marketplace that delivers "Kacts", programmable schedules made of interactive tasks showing you what to do and assisting you in doing it right. Whatever you are about to do today, there is a kact for that.
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Having a tough day? You don't know where to start? Start by
downloading Kactus, the simple app that turns your questions into actions.
Introducing the kact

Whatever you are willing to do today, there is a kact for that. Kacts are programmable schedules made of interactive tasks showing you what to do and assisting you in doing it right. Find the kact you need and add it to your calendar.
Kact Store

All the Kacts you need are available in the "kact store". Find the kact you want by typing your inquiry in the search box or by browsing through our categories. The Kact store covers multiple topics like governmental paperwork, visa applications, university applications, first aid guidelines, cooking recipes, sports event schedules, camping tips and others.
Never lose touch

No internet connection? No problem! You can access your kacts and stay totally productive whether you are online or offline.
Smart Scheduling

After you add a kact, choose the date you want to achieve it. Kactus will divide the tasks into separate days depending on their duration and dependency. That way you will know exactly when your goal will be achieved and you will stay on top of all your tasks.
Swipe to complete

The only thing more satisfying than getting a job done is swiping it off your list Kactus will save the status of all your tasks so that you can access them from any device and continue your progress from where you had previously stopped.
Sync wit iCal

Kactus synchronizes with your existing calendars, so your information is all in one convenient place. You won't miss a deadline again.

This product was perhaps my favorite - it excelled in the user interface and general design. I love a good to-do list, and could see its crowdsourced element making it a unique product, completely separate from Remember the Milk or Astrid, as it works partly as a community board and partly as a to-do list.
What sets it apart popular how-to websites like YouTube and eHow is the ability to customize and save a to-do list with personal progress updates and changes according to your needs.

A major strength to the startup is its scalability. it starts by tackling a local need here in Lebanon, but it can later be applied everywhere. Another core competency is the design and interface which make for unique and smooth user experience.
Faced with bulky and chaotic information on the web, Kactus seeks to organize information in simple efficient to-do lists. Known as Kacts.